happy 21st drew! even though this is jacky’s order..

It’s pillow making season! (:

I miss taking my camera out for adventures. It is back home right now, so my old point-and-shoot will have to do for now, I suppose…!

LA Skyline at night from Signal Hill

OC Fair Goods
It has been a while since I updated my tumblr, and since I took Iris out on an adventure. And I still need to learn how to edit my pictures.

OC Fair Goods

It has been a while since I updated my tumblr, and since I took Iris out on an adventure. And I still need to learn how to edit my pictures.

Happy Independence Day with Cutie!

Anonymous said: Hey you go to UCSD?

Yes, ma’am! Or sir.

And to answer the previous poster’s question regarding PhiDE and InterVarsity, yes, I was involved in InterVarsity my first year, and yes, I was involved in Phi Delta Epsilon for the past year and a quarter. Definitely come check PhiDE’s rush events in the Fall, or even in the Spring if you’re curious. I personally found it very difficult to balance both PhiDE and IV during the new member orientation process, but there are some members who are involved in both PhiDE and a fellowship, whether it was IV, KCM, or some other fellowship. If you’re specifically looking for a brotherhood, then look no further than your fellowship because they’re your Brothers for LIFE. However, I can definitely say that I have met some of the closest friends and helpful friends through PhiDE, as well.

If you have more questions about PhiDE, you can talk to the VP of Recruitment (click on “Contact Us” on PhiDE’s website). If you have more questions about IV, you can talk to any of the student leaders or check out IV’s website. If you want to personally talk to me, you can message me again, and I’ll give you my email for you to reach me at. 


PhiDE http://ucsdphide.webs.com/ 
IV http://www.ucsdiv.com/ 

DIY Panda Plush made for my sexy bestie and my little because they both love pandas! First time making any type of plush, so hopefully with more stuffed animals in the future, they’ll turn out prettier. Hahah 

I realized this is turning into more of a journal/crafts tumblr rather than photo tumblr, but hopefully, I can take Iris to new places this summer and upload more photos!

"My name is Dug. I have just met you, and I love you"- Up

Eating out and exploring San Diego, one Sigma at a time. 

April 19, 2012

The picture is backwards, but here I am…shopping already. I have not really met anyone yet, so there is a possibility I won’t have a little sib this quarter, but that doesn’t matter! I can’t wait to be a big sis sometime in the future, and have the little sib that I never had, but always wanted. But that means I have to be super studious and disciplined right now so I can make time to play later on, yay! :) That means no more going out and saying “no” more often, at least until Finals are over, in 4 weeks.

Nothing better than an 8 mile hike at 6am with your girl friends to start off the day :)

Cutie is ready to celebrate my sister’s birthday! 


Happy belated Frozen Yogurt Day!

Free yogurt always taste better ;)



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DIY Domo pillow

Alertos’ Carne Asada Fries