ISA LA 2011

First of all, I didn’t buy these tickets. I entered in a contest, hoping to win the tickets, and lo and behold, the next day, on Friday, I find out that I won 2 VIP tickets as well as Skullcandy headphones. Thank you to International Secret Agents and Skullcandy for providing the contest. I feel very lucky to have won the tickets because without it, I wouldn’t have been able to go, unless I bought general admission tickets. I even made friends with the some of the other contest winners :) I have no intentions of bragging, and I am just very grateful for such a blessed opportunity!

WHOOO I’M GOING TO ISA LA 2011!! I have been following everyone’s updates from the other ISA concerts, and I was STOKED to go! I seriously jumped up and down, ran around the house, ran around again, jumped up and down in front of my mom, ran back to my room and sat down. I couldn’t believe that I would finally be meeting these youtube users that I have been following, for some, as early as 2007, back in the days when Kevin still danced in his intros and Ryan made those “How to” videos. AND I would be meeting my long-time youtube user crush WESLEY CHAN! His adorable self, creative film writing skills, quiet-ness, AHH!! WESLEY CHAN!! October 1 is my parents 25th anniversary, and they had made plans for the family to go eat dinner together, but…they let my sister (for her birthday) and I go because I was so happy winning the tickets. Thanks you, mom and dad :)

The next morning, I got up early, painted on a canvas to get the signatures. Due to certain planned meet-ups and traffic, we got there late…really, really late, as in 3pm late. People were standing in line since 10am and I got there at 3pm…And I found out that Wong Fu Productions were the first ones for the Meet and Greet… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO D’: NOT WES CHAN!! I missed out on getting their signatures!! :( *sigh* that’s okay, I’ll at least meet the other artists, right? Nope…I missed out on BLUSH, Afterschoolspecial, New Heights, Clara C, AJ Rafael, Dumbfounded, David Choi, Tim DeLaGhetto, I.aM.Me, Wong Fu Productions, Kevin, Ryan, Cathy, Sean Kingston, and B.O.B.’s meet and greets…great……..*sigh* I’ll just make the best out of this festival, right? Right then…I see Wes, Phil, and Ted at the Skullcandy booths taking pictures, waited, waited, waited in line and GOT pictures with them! :D Wes Chan touched my shoulder and I talked with them for like what, 15 seconds? Best 15 seconds ever!! This is the fangirl me geeking out. You will rarely see this..hahah Dream come true! #33 on my Bucket List is crossed off!! “Meet Ted, Phil, and Wes from Wong Fu Productions" Seriously. Wes is much more handsome in real life, and they seemed super tired, but were really nice. Yayy :) then I listened to the artists from the VIP section…woot woot! Oh, and I have never seen so many high schoolers together before! I thought they had SAT’s…hahah :P That’s cool. It was a kid-friendly concert.

Then I got in line for the hosts’ meet and greet, and the line was way too long and missed them, still waited in line for Jay Park, and as you can see in the picture, he’s right there, right? NOOOOOOO The ISA Staff cut the meet and greet RIGHT in front of us! As in…the people in front of us were the LAST ones to get Jay’s signatures! Noooooooo bad luck ensues…Then Far East Movement’s meet and greet was next, and I got their signatures, chatted 2 seconds with them, since the ISA staff/volunteers were rushing all of us. At least I got to get Far East Movement’s signatures right? So my canvas is pretty empty, but my goal is to get everyone’s signatures one day or another. Let’s go persistence!! :) Despite not being able to get their signatures, even getting pictures with a couple of them while they were walking around was awesome. Next ISA in SoCAL WATCH OUTT!! I’m getting all their signatures and pictures with them!! :D Perhaps we (you and I) can meet up and take pictures, as well :) 

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